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Fighting games

In video fighting games the player control the hero character and engages in close combat with opponents. These combats may be againist to one or more opponents. Opponent characters on fighting games tend to be of equal power with you. One-on-one combats may take place in an arena and the fight matches consist of several rounds. There may be master attack and defence techniques for each different player like counter-attacking, blocking or chaining together. For the early 1990s, the most popular fighting games there are special attacks by perfoming specific button variations. Fighting games are a type of action games. In these games two different on screen characters combat one-on-one. The special moves for fighting games are triggered using rapid series of joystick movements or button presses. These games may played on 2D or 3D environments. Street Fighter is the most popular and most known fighting game ever. There may be special moves, hand to hand combat and also some special weapons can be used in Street Fighter games.

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