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Download Free Games : Inca Ball

inca 2012 ballFeatures:
* Explore 60 thrilling levels
* Access exciting 15 power-ups
* Save and restore games from any point
* Win a prize at the end of the game

Inca Ball is a brilliant arcade puzzle, which immerses you in a great quest for the treasures of the ancient civilization. The adventure requires you to use your quick wits and skill as you will need to shoot an orb into the moving chain of colored balls trying to create a sequence of spheres of the same color, which will disappear. As all the moving balls vanish, your way to the treasure room will be cleared and you will become a winner.

During the gameplay, you can earn not only bonus points but also some sum of money. Between the levels you will be able to purchase a number of artifacts allowing you to ease your struggle for victory, the more money you collect the better items you can buy. The amount of artifacts expands throughout the game so the closer you are to success, the better are the means of help. The last, most precious artifact.

Inca Ball destroys every single ball on the screen. The lambent minds of game designers have provided Inca Ball with SIXTY splendid levels that give you a good test of your skills as the difficulty will grow. Also, Inca Ball will be a delight for your eyes as it shines with the superb animation and quality hand drawn graphics. The creators of the Inca Ball have prepared a special surprise, for the gamers, but it will be unveiled only after the quest for the treasures is completed. Beat the game and receive a splendid reward that will cheer you up even if you are out of the game.

The splendid visuals of Inca Ball in combination with an absorbing gameplay make this puzzle a perfect spare time.

Hurry, the great treasures of the ancient civilization await you!

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  1. 7 Januari, 2010 pukul 7:32 pm

    Inca? I remember about end of day 2012 🙂

  2. 29 Desember, 2010 pukul 2:14 am

    Finden Sie günstige Ferienhäuser

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