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The Leverage of Language for E-book

By: Rinda Silaban

Many people are getting wealthier after the gate of opportunities opened. This era is the same with the era when the conquistadors from Europe found new lands. The conquistadors cooperated with the missionaries in order to be easily accepted by the natives in the new lands. New religions were introduced to the natives easily because the missionaries were able to speak in the native own language fluently as well in translating the bible.

Do you remember a quote that says “You Can Buy with Money, But You Can Sell More with Languages”? I bet you will nod your head just to think ‘hey I remember when I was in China, I used Tarzan language just to get a cheap price.’

You can also apply that condition when you are going to sell your information e-Book because your e-Book has a similarity with the holy bible in helping people to be a better person. So in order to ‘Gospel’ your e-Book we can imitate what the missionaries did; translated the Bible and shared it into the palms of natives, in your condition; translate your e-book, share it to many people around the world and make more money.

It is easy as “a, b, c” to imitate what the conquistador did:

  1. Choose where will you expand your e-book business (choose country which has the widely used language, for example Spanish, this language is used widely in Spain, North America (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Mexico, Texas, San Diego where lots of Hispanic people live but they are using English as their second language), don’t forget the Central America (like Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Cuba, etc), the last and the biggest is South America you can start from Brazil to Chile. If you count number of Spanish speaking people who are willing to read your ‘already translated’ e-book that can change their life, you will see your own gold mines. Try to count the users of Chinese language and French Language.
  2. Translate your e-book into the language you had selected. Find site that is focusing only in e-book translation.
  3. Change your own country price into adapted price, suitable with the country’s condition (for example when you want to sell your e-book to China, you have to consider the country’s currency rate with your own currency rate and other considerations, like national income. etc.)
  4. Summarize your ‘already translated’ e-book into mini pages and give it free.
  5. Submit your free e-book into many e-book directories. You can submit to non-English e-book directories.
  6. Promote your e-book in many forums (you can put your add in many forums and blogs. please note that promote your e-book in non-English blogs will be a good idea.)
  7. Submit your article that is promoting your ‘already translated’ e-book.

That is all! Only seven steps to get your e-book known world widely. Just FYI not all of the internet users are able to read English e-book. Have fun!

Author Bio

Rinda Silaban, a founder of translating e-book service and an oriental language specialist course wrote this article. You can contact her at –

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