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5 Top Places to Find Items to Sell on eBay

Lets face it, people who buy on eBay are looking for a bargain, it’s no wonder discount used, refurbished and overstock items are consistently top sellers.

There’s mainly two types of eBay Buyers looking for bargains.

1. The ones who want to buy for themselves or family/friends
2. The ones who buy to resell the item either on eBay or another distribution outlet.

Taking both of these ways into consideration gives us many ways to find items to sell on eBay. I want to talk about my top 5, that I consider the easiest.

1. eBay

As I mentioned above people who look on eBay to buy and resell. However, even beyond buying wholesale lots for resale, some people buy and sell using arbitrage. This means they buy from one market and sell in another. For example, you can sometimes find cell phones and things selling in European markets for 4-5x the amount they sell for in the US market. Buying in the US Market wholesale and reselling them either individually or as wholesale lots again in the European market can be an extremely profitable venture.

2. Local Storage Unit Auctions

I was going through the paper many years ago and I saw my friends name, looking further he forgot to pay his storage bill and they were auctioning all the belongings he had in the unit off the coming Saturday! You can find these in your local paper or penny saver (or whatever they call it in your area), they are legally obligated to post the sale of items to the public like this in a public/local forum so the owner it aware. This is why you’ll find local auctions in your paper/pennysaver

3. Local Estate Auctions

This is the hotbed for antique dealers. If you know how much things are worth you can make a lot of money, if you have no idea what things are worth you can also waste a lot of money. Doing research on antiques and checking to see what’s being auctioned (look for strange brand names), do your homework and look them up online before going to the auction, print out the info you find and bring it with you.

4. Overstock/Last Year Items

You might be surprised but you can actually buy Macy’s, JC Penny etc overstock items directly. Depending on the size of the company you deal with will depend on how much you have to put up to get the items. All companies are different and you’ll need at least a business license so you don’t pay tax on the items ($25 in NY, check your county office for cost to get a business license). I’ve worked with some large name companies and have been able to buy as little as $1,000 in merchandise.

5. China Imports

The Internet has opened the doors allowing easy access to overseas suppliers. With the current economic situation buying overseas may offend people I still encourage people to do what they need to do for the financial security of themselves and family. There are several sites out there that will connect you right with distributors of products like HD TV’s, Car Stereos etc. You’ll be surprised the markup you can put on these, just watch for excessive shipping costs.

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