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Buy Comics Online on eBay – 3 Tips to Get Cheap Comics Without Being Scammed

eBay is full of opportunities to buy comics cheaply. It’s probably the most popular place to buy and sell comics due to it being so quick and easy. A savvy buyer can take advantage of people trying to flog their comics and snap up bargains. In this article I give three top tips to getting the comics you want at jaw-dropping prices while not getting scammed.

Use A Sniper Program Or Service
An eBay sniper allows you to put the maximum price you will pay for a comic book, and then leave the auction until it finishes. Snipers make a last second bid to win, allowing you to get the best deal. They also stop you from getting caught up in the heat of the auction and bidding higher than you wanted. You can just set the maximum price you’re willing to pay and leave it. There are many snipers about – you’ll find them with a quick web search. Most will give you a few trial auctions for free before you have to pay.

Check Pictures Carefully Instead Of The Stated Grade
Rather than rely on the seller’s own grading, carefully look at any pictures they provide. If they haven’t taken any photos, ask for some. It’s the only way you’ll ever truly know the condition the comic is in. Comics that have been professionally graded by the CGC probably won’t be cheap, so I’d avoid them.

Check The Wrong Category
There are enough people selling comics on eBay for it to be worth searching the wrong categories. If you find a comic that has been listed in the wrong category, the competition will be low, if it isn’t nonexistent. The seller, if they didn’t use a reserve price, will be rubbing their head wondering why their comic(s) sold for peanuts while you stroll into the sunset.

As with many things in life, knowing a few insider secrets can make all the difference. If you want more top tips and strategies straight from the minds of veteran comic book collectors, whether you’re selling comic books or buying, check out my blog:

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