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eBay Wholesale Sources – Find eBay Dropship and Wholesale Companies

One of the most sought after in the eBay world of online auction is eBay wholesale sources. These are wholesale business firms that will sell products at wholesale prices even if the purchases are not by the bulk. For example, a phone may cost $100.00 USD in the retail market price, but wholesale companies will only sell this at less than half the retail price.

Many eBay Powersellers who have succeeded in eBay claim that one of their secrets is to find the right wholesale source to maximize profit. Since the products will be bought at a lesser price and sold at a much higher price, the profit margin is big.

It does not entail loss of any kind and it guarantees good business as long as the wholesale resource is also active in business and in good standing. It is important to ensure the wholesale company you are dealing is reputable and reliable.

They are several eBay wholesale scams online where the company is actually just a middleman and simply passes your order to the real wholesale company.
The most popular nowadays for eBay wholesale resources are dropship companies who will ship the company on your behalf. What’s good here is that as a seller, you do not even have to shell out money for capital since you do not have to make the actual purchase before you even sell them. All you have to do is to create and upload your listings and update them from time to time.

This allows you to save money on unwanted inventory surplus. You also do not need to handle the hassle of delivery, packaging and invoicing as that is usually taken care of by the ebay dropship company.

And also, the one thing you should not forget when dealing with eBay wholesale resources companies is to check for the availability of their stock. Of course, you do not want people to issue you a negative feedback because you are a non-performing seller.

If you are looking for reputable and legitimate dropship wholesalers, i recommend Jimmy Huber salehoo program. Salehoo offers a database of legitimate and reputable wholesalers and dropshippers who will do business with you. Read my salehoo review for more details.

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