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5 Free Games You Absolutely MUST Try Out

[ad#fress-1]Are you looking for a fun flash game to play today in your lunch break? Well, best ready your pickax, because there’s some heavy mining to do, amongst the thousands of mediocre ones you can find all over the web. Or, instead of the trusted (although time-consuming) trial and error technique, why not follow me through this next article and let me recommend a few games I think you’ll truly enjoy? 🙂

5. Easy Chess
I’m not necessarily a chess enthusiast, or an extraordinary player, although I do enjoy playing a game every now and then with my friends. Unfortunately, most free online chess games don’t really have an AI that can keep you busy for long; they mostly follow predictable patterns that even a newb such as myself can unveil. When I saw this chess game’s title, easy chess, I thought “oh boy, yet another stupid AI that I’ll enjoy winning against”. To my surprise, Easy Chess is not that easy and the AI really seems “human”, in that it’s very unpredictable and will punish you whenever he can. Easy Chess is a game with the potential to keep you busy for hours, no doubt.

4. Real Pool
Desktop pool games have gone a long way in almost every aspect, ranging from physics, computer AI, graphics and gameplay styles. Unfortunately, the younger brother, namely free online games, still has some major problems to fix. Although there are a couple of good games out there, many flash pool games lack the finesse of an advanced physics engine and the AI is either plain dumb, or extremely tough to beat (cheaters!). Fortunately, real pool is one of the few exceptions, since its physics are almost lifelike, the AI is very malleable, adaptable and the computer player is definitely neither stupid, nor unbeatable. A fun game that’s worth trying out when you’re bored.

3. Super Flash Mario Bros
I’m not sure about you, but I grew up with Nintendo games and subsequently, with Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Peach and the rest of the crew. Even though I may have had new, flashy desktop PC games installed on my PC at some point, I’d also pop in the old Mario platformer games and give them a go every now and then. If you enjoyed the original Mario Bros game(s), this flash remake will be an instant hit with you.

2. Pacman
If you haven’t heard of Pacman, you were either:
a) Living under a rock for the past 3 decades
b) Living under two rocks for the past 3 decades

It’s really funny how a game designed in 1980 still manages to be not only so popular, but so addicting amongst gamers, young and old. Pacman is the first game ever to have a “main character”, it’s the first game to get an animated television series, tribute songs (Buckner & Garcia’s hit from the 80s) and whatnot. This flash remake even keeps the original music (<3), levels and everything in between. Definitely a game worth checking out, regardless if you’re a PacMan nostalgic or not.

1. Tetris
What’s designed by a famous Russian, started an international hysteria, has colored blocks falling from the sky and is so addicting your fingers will curse the day you ever laid eyes on it? Tetris of course, Alexey Pajitnov’s 1985 mega-hit, a game that we still enjoy playing whenever we can, whether it’s on a PC, handheld, phone, or notebook. If Tetris doesn’t give you an addiction, heroin, cocaine and nicotine need to work harder.

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  1. 14 Desember, 2009 pukul 6:51 am

    I’m a real fun of Pacman so thanks anyway!

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