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NameProtect announces Web-enhanced trademark software

MADISON NameProtect Inc. has announced the availability of its @ctiveView Web platform, software designed to deliver intellectual property data to trademark professionals from a wide range of electronic sources within an online environment. Announced Friday, @ctiveView is meant to achieve efficient and competitive trademark clearance and protection services within a shorter period of time.

Users will be able to integrate references from both traditional trademark data and Internet sources, review that data within an interactive and collaborative environment and generate opinions and other forms of work product.

The exponential growth of Internet content and real-time digital communication has created an environment in which trademark professionals are being asked to do more and more work in less time,” said Mark McLane, chief executive officer of NameProtect.[ad#fress-1]

@ctiveViews 3D Search feature integrates paper-based search onto an online platform that can complete an entire search review and clearance process online, accelerate trademark clearance times, supporting cross-team collaboration and deliver significant competitive advantages. Users will also gain access to NameProtectss Internet Intelligence Index of over six billion Web pages by the fourth quarter of this year.

NameProtect is also touting a four-hour version of 3D Search so professionals can support clients near real time.

As a part of the 3D Search, @ctiveView offers the following features:

Digital Dashboard Reports are organized within a digital dashboard that provides multiple views of each trademark result set for easy navigation between the report table of contents and individual records.

Dynamic and Interactive Record Review Online tools enhance traditional paper-copy review work flow, including the “flagging’ of individual records of concern with easy to use color-coded online flags and inserting record-specific electronic notes that can be shared across a collaborative, multi-user environment.

Data Export & Work Product Customization Export tools allow for customized export of selected records in multiple electronic formats, replacing the traditional manual task of extracting important data from the search report for opinion letters, client communication and other trademark work product.

NameProtect is a Madison-based business that provides trademark research, trademark monitoring and online brand monitoring services in addition to digital fraud detection and e-market intelligence.

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    thanks for informations.

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