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Now although you can’t “die” per se, that doesn’t mean the game plays itself. When platforming, three of the four face-buttons will come into play at some point or another, with each serving a very specific purpose. The “jump” button is the one you’ll be using most often. It serves as the launching point for numerous stylish maneuvers, such as wall-runs and wall-climbs. But what if a single-jump isn’t enough? By tapping the “Elika Magic” button during a jump, she’ll give you a boost, doubling your distance!


While running along walls, you’ll often encounter “rings” embedded in the surface–you must tap “Use” in order to grab and fling yourself onward, if you fail to do so, you’ll fall and Elika will return you to the last platform. Thankfully, the window of opportunity in which you have to press the button is quite generous, so there’s no need to perfect the timing.


Power Plates

There are four Power Plates in total which, and each grants a special ability for a limited amount of time, such as a long-jump, a wall-run, or even flight. Two of the four are completely automated, and thus require no user-input after being activated, however, the other two do afford a limited amount of movement–in these case, just dodge the various obvious obstacles and you’ll be well on your way to victory.

Light Seeds

So each world has been corrupted, and you must restore life to the land by reaching the “Fertile Ground” at the end of each. Once you have, something called “Light Seeds” will appear all over the land you have just saved. In order to unlock more levels, you’ll have to collect a set amount of Light Seeds and return them to the temple. There are 45 seeds per levels, many of which are in plane sight. Furthermore, you only need about half of them to complete the game, so there’s no need to go out of your way to find them all, unless you’re trying to unlock every achievement or trophy.


Combat in Prince of Persia is rather unique in that you only have four main attacks (in addition to blocking), but it’s how you string them together that matters. A particularly potent combo is to throw your opponent in the air (generally after you’ve deflected an attack–discussed below), follow-up with a magic attack, perform a jump attack, then another magic attack! There are countless ways to string them together, so have some fun and find what works best for you.

If things get dicey, then you’re likely best off blocking, which protects you from most attacks. But if you can time time your block just before an attack connects, you can actually deflect the attack, giving you a fantastic chance to counter.


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download (mediafire)
password for mediafire links

password:pmgames if needed

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