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Help Your Child to Handle FRUSTRATION

Children handle embarrassment in different ways-they cry, they throw a tantrum, they withdraw and don’t speak. For more kids, the worst scenario is being called names “snail legs”, “piggy face” by other kids. It’s may sound funny to you, but remember, your daughter won’t be laughing.

  • ACKNOWLEDGE THE “INSULT” Yes, it wasn’t nice being called “snail legs” just because she came in last in the race. But explain to her that winning the race is not that important. What matters is that she tried her best-and you’re sure she did.
  • POINT OUT HER GOOD POINT Not all of us are born runners. In fact, each of us has our own gifts and talents-your child may be a sensitive soul who can feel for others, she may be an artist or have a great voice. Remind her that there are lots of other things she does well. Nobody is great at everything-not even Mum and Dad.
  • TEACH HER TO LAUGH AT THE FUNNY NAME How would “snail legs” look? Who knows? That’s because snails do not have legs. Let her draw a picture of her idea of snail legs and have a laugh together.
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