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Help Your Child to Handle PEER PRESSURE

CatPeer Pressure is something we have to deal with all our lives and the sooner our kids learns to cope, the better. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be accepted, but parents need to help their children figure out when to go with the flow and when it’s critical to walk away.

  • LISTEN, DON’T JUDGE When your child comes home crying about being dropped from the “in” clique, you may comfort her by making derogatory remarks about the other kids. But that won’t teach her to deal with rejection. So withhold judge-ment and just be a sounding board.
  • STICK TO YOUR VALUES To be your child’s moral compass means being consistent yourself,. And don’t get preachy when she falters. Being someone she can turn to for support and encouragement is the best way to remain her life anchor in the shifting sea of peer influence.
  • ROLE-PLAY TOGETHER Don’t rescue her all the time, rather, figure out hoe\w to handle, a problem together. Say a classmate taunts her for always following school rules, role-play with her what she should say the next time the classmate mocks her.
  • PRAISE YOUR CHILD A confident child is less likely to feel a need to follow the crowd, but being different takes guts. So the next time she stands up for a friend who is bullied, tell her you are proud of her.
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    1. 15 Mei, 2008 pukul 10:30 am

      Many children have gone through peer pressure problems. Parents can play an important role in coping with these problems, and maybe, every parent should read this post.

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