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The Growth Phases : 36 Months

  • Language : She’s now a chatterbox. And a favorite word is “Why?” Half the time she doesn’t care about the answer, but enjoys the attention. Now’s the time to start correcting her grammatical errors.
  • Motor Skills : Most kids are toilet-trained by day; some even manage to stay dry at night.
  • Mental : Make-believe games are a favorite and kid may be obsessed with super heroes or princesses. They’re attracted by characters with power and influence. Don’t worry if your son wants only Spiderman or soldiers, it doesn’t mean he’ll turn into Batman.
  • Social : She’s willing to play with others now and has developed friendships. Encourage interaction by arranging play dates, and teaching your child what it means to invite a guest to your home. Most children have learn that they must share, wait their turn and play “nicely”.
  1. style7
    12 Mei, 2008 pukul 12:15 pm

    hello mother…..wonderwoman is one of my favorite superheroes because she have a special sexy powers 😀 hohoho

  2. 14 Mei, 2008 pukul 3:10 pm

    wonder woman …. or mulan jameela 😆 she is sexy too … he he

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