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The Growth Phases : 30 Months

Doraemaon a happy children

  • Language : Most kids know about 100 words, can put sentences together, and carry a conversation.
  • Motor Skills : She’s improving her fine motor skills so provide lots of crayons and paper to help her draw shapes. Toddlers love to dance and sing, and most enjoy watching children’s programmers.
  • Mental : She’ll keep asking for the same favorite stories to be read. Its may be boring, but she’s learning through repetition, increasing her vocabulary and picking up the subtleties of grammar.
  • Social : Separation anxiety may reappear, especially if she’s attending playschool for the first time, but as her language skills improve and she communicates better with adults other than family, the anxiety eases.
  1. 10 Mei, 2008 pukul 4:42 pm

    huhuhu…nice mom 😀

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    bloghopping ,from another world 😀

  3. 11 Mei, 2008 pukul 1:51 pm

    From another world … 🙂

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